​Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery requires the delicate touch and expertise of plastic surgeons who have successfully performed the procedure many times. That’s what you can expect from the surgeons at Strax Rejuvenation in Lauderhill and Sunrise, Florida. Whether you have annoying excess skin above the eyes, bags below the eyes, or you want to diminish wrinkles around the eyes, you can count of the expert surgeons to deliver the results you desire.

Eyelid Surgery Q & A


Eyelid Surgery / Blepharoplasty – What it is and How it works

Blepharoplasty is a term used to describe the surgical modification of the eyelid. Although the recovery process can take up to several weeks, it is not considered a major surgical procedure.


  • Excessive skin above the eye
  • Noticeable bags below eyes
  • Facial wrinkling

Treatment Description:

Minute incisions are made in the folds of the eyelid (both upper and lower, if necessary), and excess fat and skin is removed, thus eliminating “puffy” skin and wrinkles.

Although most often considered a cosmetic procedure, eyelid surgery is also used when an excessive amount of upper eyelid skin causes a loss of peripheral vision. Such a condition can affect other important activities, such as driving or reading.

What Can It Do For Me?

If the wrinkles around your eyes are hiding the twinkle in your eyes, or if you are suffering from vision impairment, you are likely an ideal candidate for eyelid surgery. Florida visitors and residents do not need to delay even one more day, because Strax Rejuvenation – with two locations in Florida – is ready to serve and treat you immediately.

How Do I Get Started?

If you live in Florida, eyelid surgery is easy to obtain. Simply contact Strax Rejuvenation to schedule an appointment for a consultation. We are the largest provider of cosmetic surgery in the nation, and with our staff of 16 highly trained and board-certified surgeons available, we can meet your needs with little delay and with a high level of professional skill. Upon credit approval, we offer excellent zero-interest financing, so you will find yourself able to get the results you desire without breaking the bank.

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